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K is for Ann Kethley

I am participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge (April 2016), where we write 26 blog posts featuring each letter of the alphabet.

K is for Ann Kethley                                   
I have quite a few “K” surnames in my database, but the only direct ancestors are of the
Kethley/Keathley/Keithly line.

Nancy Ann Kethley married John Coor around 1816, probably in Mississippi. John Coor died in 1838 but Ann lived past 1870. Seven known children were born to them:
  • John W. Coor (1816-1896)
  • Daniel K. Coor (1819-1895)
  • Elizabeth N. Coor Heard (1823-??)
  • Rufus K. Coor (1825-1877)
  • Ann Jemima Coor Welch (1828-1902)
  • Sarah K. Coor (1832-??)
  • James Madison “Matt” Coor (1833-1890)

My research for the Kethley line consists mostly of derivative sources. When I first began this journey of genealogical research, online sources were mostly surname and locality message boards, and indexes posted on county pages of USGENWEB.  Now as I review my notes to write this up, I see I don’t really have many original sources, except census records for this John & Ann Coor family.

However, what I do have for the lineage of Ann Kethley from these derivative sources are:
  • Her parents were John Kethley (1863-1823) and Elizabeth Whitfield (??-1823). Several of their children were born in North Carolina and the rest in Tennessee. Both John and Elizabeth are said to have died in Feliciana Parish, Louisiana in 1823. I tried to find a source for this information, using the microfilms at the Family History Library, but did not find an original source.
  • John Kethley’s parents were John Kethley (1730-1793) and Elizabeth (--?--). Three known sons have been named in these derivative sources: Richard, Jonathan, and John.

There is a website devoted to Keathley/Keithley families that you can access here.

There are more records to search: probate, land, and tax, to help flesh out these families. More on my to-do list. 

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