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S is for Sullivan Sisters

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S is for Sullivan Sisters

Five daughters were born to John H. Sullivan and Anna Marie Gleeson.

The first two were born in Mitchell, South Dakota (actually Dakota Territory). Helena M. “Nellie” was born 25 May 1883 and Loretto M. was born 28 February 1885.

Rosemary Sullivan  was born in 1889 and the birth might have been in Mitchell, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint when the family moved to Montana. Rosemary died in infancy.

Once the family was in Anaconda, Montana, the last two daughters were born: Ethel Elizabeth on 11 February 1891 and Anna Marie "Anne" on 15 October 1892.

Their mother, Anna, died young on 3 January 1912.

The five Sullivan children
Later that year, Nellie married Harold Hutchinson Goe on 13 August. He worked for the Anaconda Copper Mine and they lived in Anaconda their entire lives.

Ethel and Jack, her only brother, moved to Portland to live for a while with Anna’s parents, John and Margaret Gleeson. Ethel also spent time with her aunt, Elizabeth M. Gleeson and then moved back to Anaconda, where she worked as a clerk at the Anaconda Copper Mining Company until her marriage to John Virgil Quigley sometime before 1926.

Loretto remained in Anaconda and worked as a milliner for the Copper City Commercial Company. She married James LeRoy Patterson on 8 January 1917.

Anna attended Normal College in Dillon and then spent time teaching until her marriage to William Cyril Hork in Butte, Montana on 30 November 1922.
Nellie - Loretta - Anne -- 1940's
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  1. Lovely sister photos. I had 4 daughters and a son and then we adopted another son.


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