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  1. Just found your blog after viewing Dear Myrtle's Study Group for "Tracing Immigrant Ancestors" and wanted to become familiar with blogs - so I picked you. My name is Severn Chumley and my interest in genealogy springs from my Grandfather. I took up my searching to keep me busy while going through a divorce and to learn more of family to pass onto my children. I come from a time before computers and am still learning along the way. Hoping I can learn to share what I have learned of family to others. Thanks Severn

  2. My daughter and I have just started researching our genealogy and I came across your blog. We may be related and I'm wanting to know what all you may have on the family of Reuben Mack Johnston and Olivia Jane Jones. From what I can find, I believe Reuben and Olivia are my great grandparents on my dads side. Any information would be very appreciated. Thank you. Glenna Couch Sandhoff

    1. Hi Glenna. I guessing you descend from Florence Ellen Johnston & John Walter Couch. Her parents were Reuben Mack Johnston and Olivia Jane Jones. Florence had 12 brothers and sisters and my great-grandfather, Thomas Newton was one of them. If you can email me direct (the email address is snrylisa at gmail dot com.) we can communicate more.

  3. Hi,
    I just found Vincent as executor in Eva Winke probate.Which lead my to believe a connection with Johann Sievert.So added 2 more great grandparents in Christoph and Anna. -Tommy


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