Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Where I'm From

For "Saturday Night Genealogy Fun," Randy Seaver asked us to write a poem based on a template from  Here is my poem:


I am from a small town that has since grown up into a small city.

I am from the city limit side of Las Trampas Creek.  I grew up hunting tadpoles in the creek or swiping slightly ripe fruit from neighbor’s trees.  I grew up playing softball but wishing I could have played baseball.

I am from Irish & German ancestors on my Father’s side and from English & Scottish ancestors on my Mother’s side (at least I think—haven’t found an ancestor across the pond yet even though I’ve gone back into the 1700’s).

I am from shy parents and I am still shy, though more outgoing than they were.

I was born into the Catholic faith and though I don’t attend Mass often, I still have faith.  I do have fond memories of parochial school years and know that their teachings helped formed my moral foundation.

I grew up appreciating fruits and vegetables because my father worked in the produce department, but have since learned that steaming vegetables is much better than boiling!  I also grew up loving to play games and reading because my mother loved games and reading.

From the singing while washing dishes Nana to the black-eyed peas Mam-ma, my grandmothers entertained me.

I am from Johnston, Hork, Sullivan, Gleeson, Coor, Loveless, Hutson, Welch, Tierney, and many more……from Montana, Texas, Illinois, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Canada, Ireland & Germany.

Copyright © 2011 by Lisa Suzanne Gorrell, My Trails into the Past

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