Monday, October 17, 2011

Military Monday -- William Cyril Hork aboard the USS Alert

Seaman Cyril W. Hork
My grandfather, William Cyril Hork (1899-1967) served in the United States Navy.   His active service in the Navy was between January 5, 1918, where he enlisted at Salt Lake City, Utah, and June 14, 1919 where he was discharged, again at Salt Lake City.[1]

I have his Service Record and learned he used another variation of his name: Cyril Willis Hork.  You can see his signature here:

I also learned where he trained and served.  His training took place in San Diego and at Mare Island, California.  He then was stationed at the U.S. Sub Base in San Pedro, California.  From March 31, 1919 to Jun 12, 1919 he served on the U.S.S. Alert.

So what was this USS Alert?  I found information on the website California Center for Military History and there was a photo of the USS Alert. It was a submarine tender, used to refuel and supply submarines.

USS Alert with four submarines in San Pedro, California
[1] National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis, Missouri, Cyril W. Hork, 173 64 55.

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