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Church Record Sunday - Baptism of Anna Marie Sullivan

Anna Marie Sullivan
     My grandmother, Anna Marie Sullivan was born 15 Oct 1892 in Anaconda, Deer Lodge Co, Montana to John H. Sullivan and Anna Marie Gleeson.  She was the last of six children (four girls and one boy).

     She was baptized 19 Oct 1892 at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Anaconda.  I have a copy of her baptism certificate but it is not the original.  This certificate is dated 1953.  I don't know why my grandmother obtained a new copy of her baptismal certificate but she must have done so while on a trip to Montana in 1953.

Baptismal Certificate for Anna Marie Sullivan
dated 1953

The transcription reads:
Certificate of Baptism
St. Paul's Church
Anaconda, Montana

This is to Certify
The Baptismal Register records the following:
That   Anna Marie Sullivan                          
Child of     John Sullivan                            
And     Anna Gleaeson                             
born in the City of Anaconda     State of  Mont        
on the    15  day of   October     1892       and
was            Baptized
on the    19    day of   October   1892       
According to the Rite of the Roman Catholic Church 
by the Rev.       P. De Siere    

the sponsors being:   Michael Sullivan
                          Anna Dorian
Dated: Aug 20, 1953                   
                                                                        Joseph P. Schulte  , Pastor

    I think I know who Michael Sullivan is.  This could be John's brother, Michael J. Sullivan who was living in Butte, Montana.  I do not know who Anna Dorian is at this time.  Someone new to research!

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