Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Where Were They in 1863?

Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings has challenged us to find where our ancestors were living on 1 Jun 1863.  This was very challenging but lots of fun.  I found that I need to do land research to learn more about exactly where my ancestors were living!  I have no photos of their residences.  Here are my father's side of the family:

  • My second great-grandmother, Maria Catharine (Trösster) Hork (1813-1874) was living in Oberhundem, Westfalen (present day Germany).  I do not have a photograph of their residence, nor do I know exactly which house it is.  I would love to visit the small community someday.  My great-grandfather, Johan Anton Hork (1843-1906) was part of this household, as he had not left for America yet.
  • My second great-grandparents, Vincent (1823-1890) and Susanna (Raduntz) Sievert (1832-1911) were living in Joliet, Will County, Illinois.  I do not know where their residence is located, although in later years they lived on Hickory and North Hickory streets.  My great-grandmother, Julia Sievert (1854-1928), who later married Johann Hork, was living in this household.
  • My second great-grandparents, Jeremiah (1811-1832) & Mary (Sheehan) Sullivan (1832-1892) were living either in County Cork, Ireland or someplace in the United States.  I have yet to find a ship arrival record for them.  They have reported to have arrived sometime in the early 1860’s.  Included in the household would be my great-grandfather, John H. Sullivan (1854-1932).
  • My third great-grandparents, John (1804-1891) & Ann (Murray) Tierney (1813-1899) were living on a farm near Fallowfield in Carleton County, Ontario, Canada.  I do not know exactly where they were living.
  • My second great-grandparents, John (1835-1915) & Margaret (Tierney) Gleeson (1835-1920) were living in Goulburne, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada on a farm.  My great-grandmother, Anna Marie Gleeson was in the household as a three-year-old.

So I knew where 2 of my third great-grandparents, 7 of my second great-grandparents, and 3 of my great-grandparents were living in 1863!

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