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Book of Me, Written by Me, Prompt 24--Favorite Color

The Book of Me, Written by Me is a blogging theme where one can write about their own life using blog themes posted each week. More information can be found at Anglers Rest here.

This week's prompt is - Favourite Colour
  • Do you have a favourite colour? and if so why?
  • Do you like vibrant colours or darker colours?
  • Do you associate anyone with a particular colour? If so who and why ?
  • Does your favourite colour reflect your personality?

My favorite color has always been blue. I like other colors, but when given a choice, I always chose blue.  
I love all sorts of blues but baby blue is my favorite.

My first two-wheeler bike was blue and my first 10-speed was baby blue. 

I had a blue car once: light blue 4-door Toyota Corona. My current car, a Nissan Leaf, is blue, as is my husband’s beloved Pinto wagon.

My work uniform was a light blue shirt and navy pants when working as a train operator at BART.  I sort of got tired of blue for a while after wearing that uniform for 15 years.
Me, at BART as a Train Operator
I was attracted to the Great Northern Railway as a railroad to model because at one time their locomotives and passenger cars were pale blue, white, and dark gray. Their freight trains had light blue cabooses, too! 
I painted my kitchen light blue and have hung blue and yellow curtains.
Great Northern Empire Builder,
Courtesy of
Blue just suits me best. I was never a pink girly girl, instead was rather a tom-boy, and today I still gravitate towards things that are not as popular with women: model railroading and trains, stories about the military or police detectives, and sports.

My grandmother liked blues and blue-greens with aqua as her favorite. She had an aqua Mercury four-door sedan in the 1960's. I think she continued liking blue though purple and pink became her go-to colors later in her life.
My grandmother in blue.
My go-to colors now have been pastels: pink, lavender, light blue, and light green because they look good with my darker skin color and hair.

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