Saturday, June 28, 2014

Book of Me, Written by You, Prompt 29: What's in Your Bag?

The Book of Me, Written by You is a blogging theme where one can write about their own life using blog themes posted each week.  More information can be found at Anglers Rest here.

This week's prompt is - What's in your bag/pocket?
  • Do you routinely carry a bag?
  • What do you carry?
  • Why do you carry it?
  • What do you carry it in?
  • Do you carry differently things on specific days or to specific places?

I have never been a big fan of the “purse.” I have owned a few but usually only use them when I’m wearing nice clothes such as slacks, dress, or skirt.  My preferred bag is a backpack/knapsack. You know, the kind that carries books to school. I sling it over my left shoulder mostly, though sometimes over both shoulders if it’s heavy with too many books or the laptop. That way my hands are free.

Right now I own two backpacks made by JanSport. One is navy blue and the other is brown and tan plaid. If I had my druthers, I would have lots backpacks in a variety of colors, but I don’t have room to store them all.

I like a backpack because I can fit books, laptop, and along with my wallet and phone in the front pocket. Plus the pocket can hold lots of pens, pencils, antacids, gum, thumb drive, iPod, and other things one might need during the day.

My current purse is a small light brown leather purse with a long strap made by Coach. My daughter found it at a thrift store and I’m very partial to it.  One, it’s small and barely holds my wallet, phone, pen and pencil, and small notebook. Two, it’s made of soft leather.  And three, it’s made by Coach.  It’s my second Coach purse, both bought used.

I have been using backpacks since they became popular for students in the 1970's and will probably use one forever. They just fit my personality better than a purse or bag.

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