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52 Ancestors, Anna Marie Sullivan - The College Years

This is week 19 of the “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge” by Amy Crow from No Story Too Small.  I am a bit behind but intend to catch up.

Anna Marie Sullivan was my paternal grandmother. She was born 15 Oct 1892 in Anaconda, Deer Lodge County, Montana to John H. Sullivan and Anna Marie Gleeson, the last of six children.[1] She was baptized at St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Anaconda on 19 Oct 1892.[2]

She was very fortunate to attend the Montana State Normal School where she excelled in extracurricular activities of Glee Club, tennis, basketball, and as a member of the yearbook staff.[3]

The Montana State Normal School was founded 1893 and was for teacher training.[4] In the beginning it was a three year program but later expanded to a four year. Other subjects were added and the school was renamed Western Montana College. Today it is part of the Montana University System.
She was fortunate because her mother had died in 1912 while she was away as a freshman at school. During that year in 1912, her oldest sister, Nellie married and her sisters, Loretto and Ethel moved to Portland to live with their grandparents for a year. That left brother, Jack at home. Perhaps their father could manage on his own.

Our family has a copy of the yearbook called Chinook and there are many pictures of her in the 1914 edition when she was a senior. Could it be because she was on staff? I think not, because most of the photos depict her in the various club activities and of course her senior picture. On the Chinook staff she held the position of Assistant Wit and Humor Editor, which made perfect sense since my grandmother was always very witty.

On the basketball team, Anna was listed as a forward. The 1914 team won 6 games and lost none.
1914 Yearbook - Sr Basketball -Anna Sullivan p 83
1914 Senior Basketball Team. Anna is second from bottom.

Anna was an officer on the Glee Club. The Glee Club started out well but was disbanded later due to a crowded school program. My grandmother loved to sing and had taught us all lots of songs when we were young. She even taught me some ditties to play on the piano.

She was in the photo of the Tennis and Skating Club. Nothing was written about the club so I don’t know if she played tennis or skated, or perhaps the club did both.
1914 Yearbook - Tennis & Skating Club - Anna Sullivan p 89
Anna is in the second row from rear on the left side.

She was also in the Kappa Zeta Nu sorority. It was explained as a “Senior secret society” whose purpose was “the furthering of college spirit through literary and social channels.”

At the end of the year, there was an annual field day. A newspaper accounting mentioned Anna Sullivan of Anaconda winning a gold medal for leading the drills.[5] She had been elected field captain of her class in January of the same year and her duty was “to drill seniors in competition with the other classes of the school for the events of the annual field meet. At the meet the classes compete in special drills for a beautiful silver cup. The captains of the respective teams compete for a medal. The seniors hope that Miss Sullivan will lead them to a double victory on that day.”[6]

Commencement was on the morning of June 4 at 10 o’clock.[7] The newspaper accounting of the upcoming festivities listed Anna Sullivan of Anaconda as a member of the 1914 class.

Anna taught school in several towns before meeting her future husband, William Cyril Hork. They were married 30 Nov 1922 in Butte, Montana.[8]

The family moved to California and later Anna returned to school to update her California Teaching Credential. She received it from San Francisco State in 1952. One of the schools she taught at was a one room school on the Silverado Trail outside of Napa.
One room schoolhouse on Silverado Trail in Napa
This is how the school looks today. It's a private home with an add on.
She also taught at Williams School in Concord, where she retired. She substituted a while and taught CCD classes in Pittsburg.

A fond memory I have of "Nana" were the many school readers she had at her house. I sure loved to read the old books and she enjoyed reading to us.

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