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On this Day – Marriage of Carl Johan Eriksson & Stina Maja Samuelsdotter, 13 Nov 1863

On 13 November 1863 in Tidersrum, Ostergotland, Sweden, Carl Johan Ericksson and Stina Maja Samuelsdotter were married.[1]
Tidersrum, Östergötland, 1863, pg 29, no. 5, Erickson-Samuelsdotter
They were my daughters’ paternal third great-grandparents. Their daughter, Mathilda Lovisa Eriksson-Holm immigrated to the United States and married Pehr Alfred Andersson Lundquist.

Carl Johan was the son of Eric Svensson and Christina Carlsdotter,[2] and Stina Maja was the daughter of Samuel Persson and Maja Stina Jonasdotter.[3]

Carl Johan was a tailor [skräddare] and he and Stina Maja had 9 children. Three known children immigrated to America: Matilda Lovisa, Carolina, and Axel Fredrick.

Household Examination, AI-13 1866-1870," Karl Johan Eriksson, Bjerkefall, p 2
Here is a household examination in about 1866. They were living in Bjerkefall. This record shows Carl and Stina with their first two daughters, one of whom had died the previous year. This record gives each person's birth date, birthplace, marriage date, and death date if it occurred during the time period of examination. I need to search for later household examinations for this family.

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