Sunday, July 31, 2016

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun –– Female Ancestors Age at Death

Randy Seaver of Genea–Musing has another great adventure for us. Our assignment is:

1) Review your Pedigree Chart (either on paper or in your genealogy management software program) and determine the age at death of your female ancestors back at least five generations (and more if you want to).
2)  Tell us the lifespan years for each of these ancestors.  Which of your female ancestors in this group lived the longest?  Which lived the shortest? 
Here’s mine:

Lela Nell (Johnston) Hork (1934–1992) – 57 years

Anna Marie (Sullivan) Hork (1892–1979) – 86 years
Pansy Louise (Lancaster) Johnston (1913–2013) – 99 years

Julia Ann (Sievert) Hork (1854–1928) – 73 years
Anna Marie (Gleeson) Sullivan (1860–1912) – 52 years
Nell L. (Hutson) Johnston (1888–1919) – 31 years
Lela Ann (Loveless) Lancaster (1896–1951) – 55 years

2nd Great–grandmothers:
Maria Catharine (Trösster) Hork (1813–1874) – 60 years
Susanna (Raduntz) Sievert (1832–1911) – 79 years
Mary (Sheehan) Sullivan (1822–1892) – 70 years
Margaret (Tierney) Gleeson (1835–1920) – 85 years
Olivia Jane (Jones) Johnston (1859–1914) – 55 years
Sarah Helena (Selman) Hutson (1858–1916) – 57 years
Martha Jane (Coor) Lancaster (1873–1942) – 69 years
Eliza A. (Rodgers) Loveless (1854–1907) – 53 years

3rd Great–grandmothers:
Anna Gertrud (Sommer) Horoch (1770–??) – death unknown at this time
Maria Elisabeth (Döbener) Trösster (1792–??) – death unknown at this time
Anna Marianna (Ewald) Siewert (1785–1845) – 60 years
Anna (Gleeson?) Gleeson (1790–1848) – 58 years
Ann (Murray) Tierney (1813–1899) – 86 years
Elizabeth (McCormack) Johnston (1814–1891) – 77 years
Amanda A. (Haley) Jones (1827–1904) – 77 years
Amanda (Davis) Hutson (1826–1860) – 34 years
Amanda Deborah (Oldham) Selman (1822–1880) – 57 years
Martha Jane (Polly) Lancaster Parks (1855–1932) – 76 years
Melissa Ann (Welch) Coor (1840–1876) – 36 years
Elizabeth (Nixon) Loveless (1810–aft 1876) – death unknown at this time
Rebecca (Waddell) Rodgers (1820–aft 1870) – death unknown at this time

Who lived the longest:
Without doing this exercise I knew who lived the longest. My grandmother, Pansy Louise Johnston lived just two months short of 100 years.

Who lived the shortest:
I was surprised by the person who lived the shortest: Nell L. Johnston, my great–grandmother. She was only 31 years old. An obituary stated she passed away “in the prime of life when so much of her life was yet in the future.”[1] No death certificate has been found yet for her so I do not know how she died.  She did not die near the birth of the youngest child, though there is still possibility it was due to a pregnancy. Her death left five children under ten motherless.

[1] "Mrs. Tom Johnson Dead," 18 Jul 1919, Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas.

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Ancestor With Most Census Entries

Randy Seaver of Genea-Musing, has another great SNGF:

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!):
1) Do you know which of your ancestors appears the most times in the Census records? How many years? Are there duplicate entries?

2) Describe that ancestor's entries in the records in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blog post, or on Facebook or Google+.

I am traveling around Ohio this week and am working on some research for my husband's Gorrell, Bishop, and Shotts families. That's why I've chosen Amos Gorrell Jr. as the ancestor with the most census records. He was in 9 census enumerations.

1840: as a tick mark in his father's Beaver Co, Pennsylvania household. He was one of the males under 5.

1850: Amos was 13 years old in his father's Jackson Co, Ohio household.

1860: Amos, 23 years old, was still living in his father, Amos Sr's household in Ross Co, Ohio. He had $850 worth of real estate and $160 of personal worth.

1870: Amos, 33, headed his own household in Cooper Co, Missouri with his wife, Catherine.

1880: Amos, 32, headed his Cooper Co, Missouri household.

1890: Amos was listed in the "Special Schedule: Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, and Widows," census, a veteran of the Civil War.

1890 Veteran's schedule

1900: Amos headed his household in Cooper Co, Missouri.

1910: Amos headed his household in Cooper Co, Missouri.

1920: Amos was living alone in Blackwater, Cooper Co, Missouri.

Amos died 31 Mar 1928 at the age of 91, almost making it to his tenth census!

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