Thursday, November 10, 2016

Treasure Chest Thursday : Letter to Beaver County Genealogy & History Center

I made a research trip to the Beaver County Genealogy & History Center in Beaver, Pennsylvania[1] on July 2, 2016. They have great records: books, maps, microfilms, tax records, and vertical files. In the vertical file for the surname GORRELL, I found several queries and submitted genealogies. To my surprise was a letter written by my husband’s aunt, Ada Thomason, in 1975. I knew she was interested in family history but I didn’t know she wrote letters of inquiry.

1975 Letter from Ada Thomason to Beaver County Historian

Actually the letter was written to the historian, county clerk, or other official in Beaver. Beaver is the county seat for the county of Beaver in Pennsylvania.

She stated the information about the family as she knew it: parent’s and children’s names, birth, marriage, and death dates, and then asked a specific question. She wanted to know if there was an epidemic in 1841 that caused the death of the four oldest children.

A copy of the reply was also in the file.

1975 Letter to Ada Thomason to Beaver County Historian

Margaret Ross, the Director of Genealogy, answered the letter, stating that there was no official historical reference to an epidemic in 1841, but that  some of the older persons around told her it was probably a diphtheria epidemic since this was quite common about that time.

It was pretty cool to find documentation that Ada Gorrell Thomason had done some genealogy research.

[1] 250 East End Avenue, Beaver, PA 15009;

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