Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Advent Calendar 2011 -- Day 21 Christmas Music

Christmas music is my favorite part of the Christmas Season.  I always remember Christmas records being played on the stereo at home as we trimmed the tree and Christmas music played on the radio from Christmas eve through Christmas Day.  At school we sang Christmas songs, though I don't remember any exact titles.  In 7th and 8th grade, I was in Girls & Boys Chorus and we once went to Rossmoor (the local senior community) and sang Christmas songs.  One of the songs I remember singing was "O Come, All Ye Faithful" because we sang a verse or two in Latin.  So I guess we sang both religious and secular songs in those days.

I had fond memories of one particular record by Burl Ives that had "The Twelve Days of Christmas" on it.  My work partner found the record for me on eBay and it is very nice to now listen to it again at Christmas.  My daughters took piano lessons and played Christmas songs through the New Year.

My favorite Christmas songs are (not in any particular order):

  • O Holy Night
  • Pat a Pan
  • Angels We Have Heard on High
  • Do You Hear What I Hear?
  • Christmas Canon
  • Carol of the Bells
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas
  • The Little Drummer Boy
  • Sleigh Bells - (especially the Alhambra HS band)
  • O Tannenbaum

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Advent Calendar 2011 -- Day 9 Grab Bag - Matching Holiday Dresses

Lisa with daughters, Elizabeth (age 8) & Margaret (age 6), 1997
When scanning photos for the Christmas Cookies post, I found this photo taken of my daughters and me with matching Holiday dresses.  I'm pretty sure I ordered them from a catalog, though I don't remember which one.  In order to get the most out of the dresses, we wore them everywhere we could: a Christmas party at my friend, Beth; church on Christmas eve, and then to my parents on Christmas Day.  The girls might have worn them to school on the final day before winter break.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advent Calendar 2011 -- Day 8 Christmas Cookies

I have fond memories of Christmas Cookies, both baking and eating!  My mother always had us make sugar cookies we rolled out onto the large kitchen table and cut using the many different shapes.  I was very fond of the tree, Santa & sleigh, and star shapes.  Once baked, we then decorated them with colored frosting and sprinkles.  I remember the old silver and gold sprinkles made with traces of real metal!

When I had children, we cut cookies at our kitchen table, too.  I collected many different cookie cutters and my daughters enjoyed rolling, cutting, and frosting the cookies.  The photos here show my daughters with friends at a friend's house having a Christmas Cookie party.

Elizabeth, Mike, Aaron & Margaret

Adam & Margaret

As you can see, there was always lots of flour around--on the table, in their clothes, and hair!  But they had such a wonderful time creating their masterpieces--each cookie carefully decorated.  Of course, they got to take home the ones they made.
Adam, Jack & Margaret
The best part of Christmas cookies is the sharing of cookies and then receiving many different kinds in return. My grandmother, Mam-ma always baked for days prior to Christmas and we received fudge, peanut butter balls, chocolate covered pretzel pieces, and many other treats.  Our tenant always brought us persimmon cookies.  I loved to make fudge, snickerdoodles, and chocolate chip cookies to share.  My daughter, Margaret liked to make split seconds, a cookie filled with jam.

What shall we make this year when the girls are home from college?

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Church Record Sunday - Baptism of Anna Marie Sullivan

Anna Marie Sullivan
     My grandmother, Anna Marie Sullivan was born 15 Oct 1892 in Anaconda, Deer Lodge Co, Montana to John H. Sullivan and Anna Marie Gleeson.  She was the last of six children (four girls and one boy).

     She was baptized 19 Oct 1892 at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Anaconda.  I have a copy of her baptism certificate but it is not the original.  This certificate is dated 1953.  I don't know why my grandmother obtained a new copy of her baptismal certificate but she must have done so while on a trip to Montana in 1953.

Baptismal Certificate for Anna Marie Sullivan
dated 1953

The transcription reads:
Certificate of Baptism
St. Paul's Church
Anaconda, Montana

This is to Certify
The Baptismal Register records the following:
That   Anna Marie Sullivan                          
Child of     John Sullivan                            
And     Anna Gleaeson                             
born in the City of Anaconda     State of  Mont        
on the    15  day of   October     1892       and
was            Baptized
on the    19    day of   October   1892       
According to the Rite of the Roman Catholic Church 
by the Rev.       P. De Siere    

the sponsors being:   Michael Sullivan
                          Anna Dorian
Dated: Aug 20, 1953                   
                                                                        Joseph P. Schulte  , Pastor

    I think I know who Michael Sullivan is.  This could be John's brother, Michael J. Sullivan who was living in Butte, Montana.  I do not know who Anna Dorian is at this time.  Someone new to research!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent Calendar 2011 -- Days 1 & 3 Christmas Tree & Ornaments

c. 1973 Walnut Creek, CA

   Christmas tree ornaments changed throughout my life.  Early on, my mother had an aluminum artifical tree that had only blue balls on it.  She had a blue spot light pointing down on the tree.  The next year, she'd buy green or red balls and a new spotlight color.  Our house in Pittsburg had a large picture window in the front and it was put on display.

   Later, when we lived in Walnut Creek, she switched to evergreen colored artificial trees.  We still had colored glass balls but now they were of many colors.  The tree also spotted colored lights and once the tree was completely filled with balls, my mother meticulously laid strands of tinsel on each branch.

   As we children grew older, we demanded more part of dressing the tree.  Now homemade ornaments and paper or popcorn strands adorned the tree.  Artificial trees made the way for aromatic Scotch pine trees--still my mother patiently applied individual strands of tinsel on the tree after all the children had gone to bed.

   When I finally had a tree of my own, I skipped artificial and tinsel.  I used all white lights and cute wooden and Papier-mâché ornaments I purchased first from Cost Plus and later at many outlets.  Musical instruments, drums, baseballs, and trains make up the majority of my ornaments until children were born.  Now we acquired yearly ornaments with their names and date printed neatly.  Disney ornaments seemed to be the favorite among my young princesses.

   What will my tree be like once my girls have homes of their own?  I'm not sure, but ornaments that longed to adorn my tree from the past may find their way again.  Or I may reminisce the German Bells we made in my 4th grade class from foiled wrapping paper.  If you want to learn how, here is a great site with photos to help with each step.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday -- Thomas Newton Johnston

West End Cemetery Section 6
Stephenville, Erath Co, Texas
Photo taken by the author
Thomas N. Johnston is my great-grandfather.  He was born July 25, 1885 in Texas to Reuben M. Johnston and Olivia Jane Jones.  He married Nell Hutson, daughter of Peter H. Hutson and Helena H. Selman June 6, 1907 in Comanche Co.  They had five children live to adulthood.  He worked for many years as a manager at Higgenbotham's Lumber Yard.  He died Feb 20, 1951 and is buried at the West End Cemetery.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Surname Saturday Meme -- Names, Places & Most Wanted Faces

Thomas MacEntee asked bloggers to list their surnames and ancestor they most wanted to find. So I decided to write about my mother's side of the family. I have several roadblocks that I'd love to get past and maybe someone will find my blog post and help me.

How The Meme Works
To participate, do the following at your own blog and post a link back here in the comments:
1. List your surnames in alphabetical order as follows:
[SURNAME]: State/Province (county/subdivision), date range
2. At the end, list your Most Wanted Ancestor with details!

1. My Entries
  • COOR; Texas (Erath Co) 1880-present, Mississippi (Lawrence Co, Copiah Co) 1820-1880, North Carolina (Wayne Co, Sampson Co) pre-1800 
  • HALEY; Mississippi (Rankin Co), 1820-1870, North Carolina 1770’s-1820. 
  • HUTSON; Texas (Comanche Co, Hood Co) 1880 to present, Georgia (Cherokee Co, Chattooga Co) 1800-1880, Virginia prior to 1800. 
  • JOHNSTON; Texas (Titus Co, Comanche Co), 1870-present; Mississippi (Yalobusha Co), 1850-1870; South Carolina 1800-1850. 
  • JONES; Texas (Titus Co, Comanche Co), 1870-1900; Mississippi (Rankin Co), 1850-1870; Virginia. 
  • KETHLEY; Mississippi (Copiah Co) 1816-1900, Louisiana (Feliciana Parish), North Carolina (Wayne Co) pre 1800. 
  • LANCASTER; Texas (Erath Co, Rockwall Co, Kaufman Co) 1860-present; Missouri (Lewis Co) 1840-1860; Kentucky (Shelby Co) 1830-1840; Virginia (pre 1830) 
  • LOVELESS; Texas (Erath Co, Fisher Co) 1910-present, Arkansas (Faulkner Co) 1880-present, Georgia (Chattooga Co); South Carolina (Greenville Co) pre-1800. 
  • NIXON; South Carolina (Greenville Co), Mississippi (Pontotoc Co) 
  • O'NEAL/NEEL; Kentucky (Jessamine Co, Shelby Co), 1800’s, Virginia (Frederick Co) pre 1800. 
  • POLLY; Texas (Rockwall Co) 1850-1900, Kentucky 1820-1850. 
  • SELLMAN/SELMAN; Texas (Cherokee Co, Leon Co, Comanche Co) 1850-present; Tennessee (Franklin Co), Alabama (Cherokee Co), Georgia (Elbert Co), Virginia (Stafford Co). 
  • WELCH; Texas (Erath Co) 1880-present, Mississippi (Copiah Co) 1820-1880, Georgia, North Carolina
2. My Most Wanted Ancestor:

  • Samuel Johnston, born c. 1796 in South Carolina. He married Elizabeth McCormick sometime before 1841 when first son, Reuben Mack Johnston was born in Alabama. They moved to Mississippi c. 1850 when son, David was born. They are found in the 1860 Yalobusha Co census. This is a burned courthouse county and I was unable to find land records for Sam. Elizabeth and children moved to Texas and are found in the 1870 Titus Co, Texas census. When did Sam die? Who are Sam's parents? And where is the family in 1850?

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day -- John Cyril Sullivan, Veteran of WWI

This is John Cyril Sullivan, my grandmother's brother.  We called him "Uncle Jack."

He was born 9 Feb 1887 in Mitchell, Davison Co, Dakota Territory [1].  The family later moved to Anaconda, Montana sometime in the 1890's.  He served during World War I.  His niece, Margaret Patterson, told me he was injured in France when hit by scrapnal in his leg and was in and out of Veteran's Hospitals most of his life because of the injury [2].

Jack lived in Los Angeles and later married Effa LaVerne Wilson.  He died 9 Aug 1978 in Claremont, Los Angeles Co, California, and is buried at the Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles next to his wife [3].

Thank you, Uncle Jack, for serving our country!

[1] Baptism of John Cyril Sullivan, Holy Family Catholic Church, 321 E 3rd, Mitchell, SD 57301.
[2] Letter from Margaret Patterson, dated 27 Feb 1998.
[3] Calvary Cemetery, 4201 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023-2017; Section R, L634, grave 8.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wedding Wednesday -- Lela Nell Johnston & William Joseph Hork

Lela N. Johnston & William J. Hork
19 April 1953
Queen of All Saints Church
Concord, CA

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday -- Anne M. (Gleeson) Sullivan

Anna Marie (Gleeson) Sullivan
born 13 Feb 1860 in Carleton Co, Ontario, Canada
died 3 Jan 1912, Anaconda, Deer Lodge Co, Montana, USA
buried Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Anaconda, Montana

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday -- John H. Sullivan (1854-1932)

John H Sullivan with granddaughters,
Lorene Hork & Mary Patterson

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday -- John & Margaret (Tierney) Gleeson

Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Portland, Oregon
John Gleeson
1832 - 1915
Margaret His Wife
1835 - 1920

These are my great-great grandparents on my paternal grandmother's side.  They both were born in Ontario, Canada.  By 1880, they were living in Mitchell, South Dakota and John was both a farmer and a hotel keeper.  They moved to Portland, Oregon around 1910.  John and Margaret (Tierney) had ten children, five boys and five girls, all who lived to adulthood.  They also had fourteen grandchildren.  John and Margaret are buried at Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Portland.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Military Monday -- William Cyril Hork aboard the USS Alert

Seaman Cyril W. Hork
My grandfather, William Cyril Hork (1899-1967) served in the United States Navy.   His active service in the Navy was between January 5, 1918, where he enlisted at Salt Lake City, Utah, and June 14, 1919 where he was discharged, again at Salt Lake City.[1]

I have his Service Record and learned he used another variation of his name: Cyril Willis Hork.  You can see his signature here:

I also learned where he trained and served.  His training took place in San Diego and at Mare Island, California.  He then was stationed at the U.S. Sub Base in San Pedro, California.  From March 31, 1919 to Jun 12, 1919 he served on the U.S.S. Alert.

So what was this USS Alert?  I found information on the website California Center for Military History and there was a photo of the USS Alert. It was a submarine tender, used to refuel and supply submarines.

USS Alert with four submarines in San Pedro, California
[1] National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis, Missouri, Cyril W. Hork, 173 64 55.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday -- Anne M (Sullivan) Hork

Author with grandmother, Anne Hork at airport before trip to Los Angeles, Summer 1969

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday -- John H. Sullivan

John Sullivan
1854 - 1932"

That is what the tombstone of my great-grandfather, John H. Sullivan, reads.  I received this photo from one of my father's cousins, who lives in Southern California.  The photo does not say which cemetery he is buried in.  His death certificate states "burial Catholic Cemetery Pomona."

So I visited the Catholic Cemetery in Pomona last June when I attended Jamboree.  This cemetery is Holy Cross Cemetery on 444 E. Lexington Avenue in Pomona.  I checked in with the office staff.  I had other Sullivan and Patterson family members to locate but they were unable to locate any record of John Sullivan, even checking the old ledgers.  There is another cemetery in Pomona, adjacent to Holy Cross called Pomona Cemetery.  John Sullivan was Roman Catholic and was not buried in Pomona Cemetery.

So where is John located?  I wandered around the tombstones of his children who were buried there but did not find him. This is still a mystery to solve.  I will write to my father's only living cousin to see if she remembers.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Three Generation of Gorrells Marry on October 6

This is my first post for the Carnival of Genealogy.  The theme is Autumn Weddings.

The first generation of Gorrells who married on October 6 were my husband's parents, George J. Gorrell and Thelma M. Nilsen.  They married in Sacramento, California on October 6, 1951.  They were married at the Westminster Presbyterian Church.

The second marriage was their son, Brian E. Gorrell.  He married Patricia A. Lacki on October 6, 1984 in Watsonville, California.

The third marriage was their granddaughter, Melanie L. Marmon.  She married Austin Hanzlik on October 6, 2006 in Idaho.

How many families have three consecutive generations of marriages on the same day of the year?

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday -- Ethel Sullivan, Helen Gleeson & Margaret Gleeson

Ethel Sullivan, Helen Gleeson & Margaret Gleeson
Sorry, I can't post a photo without some explanation.  Margaret (Tierney) Gleeson [1835-1920] is my great-great grandmother.  Helen Gleeson [1867-1950] is her daughter.  Ethel Sullivan [1891-1927] is her granddaughter, the daughter of her oldest child, Anna Marie Gleeson [1860-1912], who married John H. Sullivan [1854-1932].  Ethel married John Vir Quigley [1889-1959] but died during the childbirth of their second child.

*corrected Helen Gleeson's birthdate.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Military Monday – James Quigley, Civil War Veteran

Yesterday I posted the obituary of James Quigley (1846-1944) from the Napa Journal.[1]  The obituary mentioned his Civil War service and stated he was the last living Civil War veteran living in Napa, California.  I decided to do some investigating on his Civil War service.

I checked first on the internet and found several websites devoted to regiment histories.  I found a James Quigley in a roster for the 11th Wisconsin Infantry, Co. B. which stated he enlisted 28 Dec 1863, transferred in, and mustered out 4 Sep 1865.[2]

Quigley, James
Mustered out

So far the roster matches the obituary.  But what is this about being transferred in?  On another website about the Co B. Mendotta Guard, I found this information:[3]

Quigley, James
Dec 28, 1863
From 33rd Wis. Inf.; M.O. Sept 4, 1865.

So he possibly transferred in from the 33rd Wisconsin Infantry regiment.  His hometown is listed as Boscobel, a town in Grant County, Wisconsin.  The Medotta Guard was the popular name for the 11th Infantry.[4]

Next I looked at the roster for the 33rd Regiment and found James Quigley in Co. B.[5]   

Quigley, James

It clearly shows that James was transferred out on July 22, 1865.  Reading the history of the 33rd Regiment, the regiment was mustered out 8 Aug 1865.[6]

The obituary also mentioned that James Quigley was just sixteen when he enlisted. If he enlisted 28 Dec 1863, that would make him just seventeen. I do not yet have a birth record for James, but from the California Death Index, he was born 9 Nov 1846.[7]  The 1900 Federal census has his birth date as Nov 1849.[8] The following two censuses have his age consistent with the 1900 census: age 60[9] and 71,[10] but the 1930 census indicates his age at 84, consistent with the 1846 birth date in the death index.[11]    

Conclusion & Further Research
My conclusions so far are: James Quigley probably served with the Wisconsin Volunteers both in the 33rd and 11th Regiments.  He probably enlisted at a young age of either 16 or 17.  My next step would be to search for his Civil War service record and a possible Civil War pension record.

[1] "Funeral Tomorrow for James Quigley, Napa's Last Veteran of the Civil War," Napa Journal, 6 Oct 1944, p. 1, microfilm, California State Library : accessed 29 Jul 2011.
[2] “Roster for 11th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment,” Wisconsin Genealogy Trails
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[9] 1910 U.S. census, Stevens, Washington, population schedule, Northport, ED 209, sheet 1B, dwelling 19, family 19, James Quigley; digital images, ( : accessed 1 Aug 2011); citing National Archives and Records Administration microfilm T624, roll 1672.
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday’s Obituary – James Quigley (1846-1944)

I found the obituary for James Quigley and other Quigleys of Napa, California on Friday at the California State Library.  James Quigley was the father of my great-great-aunt, Ethel E. Sullivan’s husband, John Vir Quigley.  I found this obituary interesting because he was the last surviving Civil War veteran in Napa.  I am interested in finding out more about James Quigley’s service in the Civil War.

            Funeral Tomorrow for James Quigley, Napa's Last Veteran of the Civil War
Napa's last Civil War veteran is dead.
        Funeral services will be held at the Treadway Chapel at 10:30 o'clock tomorrow morning for James Quigley, 98, who accompanied General Sherman on his famous march through Georgia.  The aged veteran, who would have been 98 on November 9, died Tuesday at the Veteran's Home Hospital after a long period of failing health.
        Enlisting in the Civil War when little more than 16 years of age, Mr. Quigley served in Company B 11th Wisconsin Volunteers.  He was mustered out of service on September 4, 1865 after participating as a sharpshooter in the Battle of Bull Run, the battle of Chatanooga [sic] and other notable events of the war.
        Casting his first ballot as a voter for Abraham Lincoln, Mr. Quigley had voted in every presidential election since.  As a young man he lived in Kansas where he engaged in ranching.
        In the fall of 1888 he came West in a covered wagon with his family, settling in Walla Walla, Washington, after a 16 weeks' trip across the continent.  There he followed the vocation of contracting.  He came to California in 1921.
        His wife, Ellen Quigley, passed away in 1933.  He had since made his home with members of the family on Atlas Road.
        The deceased was born in Trumbell county, Ohio on November 9, 1846.
        He is survived by three children, George W. Quigley of San Francisco, Margaret Q Norwood and J.V. Quigley, both of Napa; two grandchildren, Doris E. Person of Maxville, Montana, and John James Quigley of the United States Navy; and by a grandniece, Mrs. Grace Huber of Napa.

This obituary was in Napa (California) Journal, 6 Oct 1944, p. 1. It is one of several Napa newspapers available on microfilm at the California State Library in Sacramento.

I learned a lot about James Quigley and have a list of future research I can do:
         ·         Military records on the Company B, 6th Wisconsin Volunteers
         ·         Civil War records for James Quigley
         ·         Voter registrations in California
         ·         Census records in Washington for 1900, 1910, and 1920
         ·         Census record in California for 1930
         ·         1850, 1860, 1870, & 1880 census records in Ohio, Wisconsin, & Kansas
         ·         Following his children: George W, Margaret, and J.W. Quigley

I also found the obituaries for his wife, Ellen, and two of his children, J.V. Quigley and Margaret Q. Norwood.

**Correction 1 Aug 2011: It was the 11th, not the 6th Wisconsin Volunteers 

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday -- John Gleeson & Margaret Tierney

I do not have a marriage record for John Gleeson & Margaret Tierney, however, I have this newspaper article from the Portland newspaper, Oregonian.[1] It tells of the 50th Anniversary party held for John and Margaret Gleeson on 15 Feb 1908.  The caption reads:

          Mr. and Mrs. John Gleeson, Who Celebrated Their Golden Wedding on Saturday.

On Saturday, a week ago, Mr. and Mrs. John Gleeson celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding, which occurred at Nepean, Canada, February 15, 1858, with a reception to their friends at their residence, 486 Burnside street.  Among the many who came to extend their congratulations were old friends and neighbors to the number of about 50 from Mitchell, S.D., the former residence of Mr. and Mrs. Gleeson.  These remained after the hours of the reception and spent a pleasant evening recalling old pioneer days on the prairies.  When the hour of departure drew near, Dr. E.B. Bracy, now a resident of Portland, delivered an address appropriate to the occasion, touching on the grandeur of their adopted city and the pride which they all felt in its growth and beauty, and compared the mild climate with the rigors of the East, which they had all experienced in former years.  In closing, he present Mr. and Mrs. Gleeson, on behalf of their former South Dakota friends who are now residents of Portland, with a beautiful white and gold Haviland dinner set, at the conclusion of which all stood and joined in singing Auld Lang Syne.  Mr. and Mrs. Gleeson were blessed with a family of ten children, five boys and five girls, all grown to manhood and womanhood, only two of whom, however could be present—Frank T. of Spokane, and Miss Margaret, a teacher in the city schools.  Their 12 grandchildren were represented by Miss Lauretta Sullivan, of Butte, Mont.”

These are my great-great grandparents who were born in Canada of Irish immigrants. All of their children were born in the Nepean area of Ontario, Canada, which is in present day Ottawa.  They moved to Mitchell, Davison Co, South Dakota in before the 1880 census. 

I learned a lot from this newspaper clipping that was in my grandmother, Anna Sullivan Hork’s papers (Anna is the daughter of Anna Maria Gleeson & John H. Sullivan).  This was the first I knew of John and Margaret Gleeson.  From this article I created a To-Do list:
        ·        1910 Portland, Multnomah Co, Oregon census
        ·        1900 Portland, Multnomah Co, Oregon census
        ·        Portland City Directories
        ·        Mitchell, Davison Co, South Dakota (and Dakota Territory) census
        ·        1881, 1871, 1861, 1851 Carleton Co, Ontario, Canada census [Nepean is in Carleton Co]
        ·        Vital records in Carleton Co, Ontario for marriage and births of 10 children.

Many of these I have checked and will write about this family in future installments.

[1] Oregonian, clipping, “Portland Society News and Notes,” p 3, 23 Feb 1908.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Where I'm From

For "Saturday Night Genealogy Fun," Randy Seaver asked us to write a poem based on a template from  Here is my poem:


I am from a small town that has since grown up into a small city.

I am from the city limit side of Las Trampas Creek.  I grew up hunting tadpoles in the creek or swiping slightly ripe fruit from neighbor’s trees.  I grew up playing softball but wishing I could have played baseball.

I am from Irish & German ancestors on my Father’s side and from English & Scottish ancestors on my Mother’s side (at least I think—haven’t found an ancestor across the pond yet even though I’ve gone back into the 1700’s).

I am from shy parents and I am still shy, though more outgoing than they were.

I was born into the Catholic faith and though I don’t attend Mass often, I still have faith.  I do have fond memories of parochial school years and know that their teachings helped formed my moral foundation.

I grew up appreciating fruits and vegetables because my father worked in the produce department, but have since learned that steaming vegetables is much better than boiling!  I also grew up loving to play games and reading because my mother loved games and reading.

From the singing while washing dishes Nana to the black-eyed peas Mam-ma, my grandmothers entertained me.

I am from Johnston, Hork, Sullivan, Gleeson, Coor, Loveless, Hutson, Welch, Tierney, and many more……from Montana, Texas, Illinois, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Canada, Ireland & Germany.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- 16 Great Great Grandparents!

Ah, Genea-folks, it's Saturday Night again - are you ready for more Genealogy Fun?

Your mission tonight, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1)  List your 16 great-great-grandparents with their birth, death and marriage data (dates and places).  [Hint - you might use an Ancestral Name List from your software for this.]

2)  Determine the countries (or states) that these ancestors lived in at their birth and at their death.

3)  For extra credit, go make a "Heritage Pie" chart for the country of origin (birth place) for these 16 ancestors. [Hint: you could use the  chart generator from Kid Zone for this.] [Note: Thank you to Sheri Fenley for the "Heritage Pie" chart idea.]

4.  Tell us about it in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or in a post on Facebook or google+.

Here's mine:

My 16 Great-great grandparents are:

16.    Joseph Heinrich Horoch, born 2 Feb 1804 in Westfalen[1] and died 5 Oct 1857 in Westfalen.  He married Maria Catherine Trösster 2 Aug 1835 in Westfalen.

17.    Maria Catharine Trösster, born 25 Dec 1813 in Westfalen and died 18 Jan 1874 in Westfalen.

18.    Vincent Sievert, born 24 Jan 1823 in Posen[2] and died 23 Jan 1890 in Joliet, Illinois.  He married Susanna Raduntz 10 Feb 1850 in Posen.

19.    Susanna Raduntz, born 1832 in Posen and died 11 Mar 1911 in Hamilton, Montana.

20.    Jeremiah Sullivan, born in County Cork, Ireland and died 6 Nov 1888 in Minnesota.  He married Mary Sheehan in Ireland.

21.    Mary Sheehan, born in County Cork, Ireland and died 24 Feb 1892 in Minnesota.

22.    John Gleeson, born 25 Feb 1835 in Ontario, Canada and died 21 Apr 1915 in Porland, Oregon.  He married Margaret Tierney 15 Feb 1858 in Ontario, Canada.

23.    Margaret Tierney, born 24 Apr 1835 in Ontario, Canada and died 26 may 1920 in Vancouver, Washington.

24.    Rueben Mack Johnston, born 18 Apr 1841 in Alabama and died 4 May 1924 in Gustine, Texas.  He married Olivia Jane Jones 23 Dec 1879 in Comanche County, Texas.

25.    Olivia Jane Jones, born 22 Feb 1859 in Mississippi and died 11 Dec 1914 in Gustine, Texas.

26.    Peter H. Hutson, born 22 Dec 1853 in Georgia and died 9 Oct 1930 in Comanche Co, Texas.  He married Sarah Helena Selman 11 Sep 1879 in Hood County, Texas.

27.    Sarah Helena Selman, born 27 Sep 1858 in Cherokee County, Texas and died 26 Sep 1916 in Throckmorton County, Texas.

28.    William Carl Lancaster, born 21 Jul 1873 in Rockwall City, Texas and died 17 Dec 1946 in Stephenville, Texas.  He married Martha Jane Coor 19 Mar 1892 in Erath County, Texas.

29.    Martha Jane Coor, born 10 May 1873 in Chrystal Springs, Mississippi and died 15 Sep 1942 in Stephenville, Texas.

30.    Ebenezer Loveless, born 8 Feb 1851 in Georgia and died 27 Jan 1929 in Rotan, Texas.  He married Eliza A. Rogers 18 Mar 1871 in Chattooga County, Georgia.

31.    Eliza A. Rogers, born May 1854 in South Carolina and died 27 Aug 1907 in Faulkner County, Arkansas.

The birthplaces of my 16 great-great-grandparents are:

*  USA 8 (1 Alabama, 2 Georgia, 2 Mississippi, 1 South Carolina, 2 Texas)
*  Germany – 4
*  Ireland -- 2
*  Canada - 2

Here is my "Heritage Pie" chart:

[1] Present day Germany
[2] Present day Poland

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