Thursday, October 6, 2011

Three Generation of Gorrells Marry on October 6

This is my first post for the Carnival of Genealogy.  The theme is Autumn Weddings.

The first generation of Gorrells who married on October 6 were my husband's parents, George J. Gorrell and Thelma M. Nilsen.  They married in Sacramento, California on October 6, 1951.  They were married at the Westminster Presbyterian Church.

The second marriage was their son, Brian E. Gorrell.  He married Patricia A. Lacki on October 6, 1984 in Watsonville, California.

The third marriage was their granddaughter, Melanie L. Marmon.  She married Austin Hanzlik on October 6, 2006 in Idaho.

How many families have three consecutive generations of marriages on the same day of the year?

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  1. What a great story! My aunt was married on her father's birthday but that's not nearly the same. This is a wonderful family tradition. I hope it continues! Thanks for sharing in the COG. :-)

  2. That is REALLY an amazing coincidence! Did they plan to do that or just by accident. I only recently discovered that my husband's grandparents married exactly 50 years to the day prior to the day that Bill and I first met -- then 60 years to the date we were married: 5/30/65 and 5/30/75, respectively for us; 5/30/ 1915 for his grandparents. She was at our wedding and never commented on the coincidence!

  3. What a lovely family tradition!

  4. That's amazing. Did the last two couples purposefully choose the same date as George and Thelma?

  5. I am wondering the same thing, did they plan it? But they must have. Cuts down on dates to remember too!


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