Saturday, September 28, 2013

Book of Me, Written by Me—Prompt 4: Favorite Season

I am continuing the Book of Me, and this week’s prompt no. 4 is ‘Favorite Season’. You can learn more about the prompt & the 15 month challenge at Julie Goucher’s page.
It would be easier to choose a least favorite season: I’m not a big fan of summer. I like wearing shorts but I do not like being hot. I loved being out of school—well for a few weeks until I was bored—and couldn’t wait to get back to school. I even played school teacher with my brothers and sisters. In summer we were forced to play outdoors all day and we never went on vacations, so it was the same thing day after day.
P4062560So spring could be my favorite. My birthday falls just a few days after the first day of spring. The baseball season begins in spring and I can begin to root for my favorite Giants. The budding trees and new wild flowers begin to bloom. My favorite spring tree is the red bud with its dark red blossoms and favorite flower is the California poppy. Hikes in the neighboring hills and parks always reveal beautiful wildflowers all through spring.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Fall could be my favorite. It’s the time to start wearing sweaters and sweatshirts. The days become shorter as the trees turn to yellow, gold and orange. The liquid ambers in my yard and the Japanese maple in our neighbor’s yard compete to see which will have the most colorful foliage. It was also the time for school to begin again and each year was always an exciting new beginning. Fall is also the start of the fall migration of birds flying south for the winter and a chance to see visitors to the feeders.

Winter might come in as a second favorite begin spring and fall. The Christmas season was always an enjoyable time—Christmas music playing on the stereo, cookies and gingerbread being baked in the oven, the tree being decorated with traditional balls and tinsel as well as the handmade ornaments made at school, and the intense anticipation as the packages grew under the tree as Christmas approached (this was only after Santa Claus no longer came to our house). Winter meant rain and more stews and soups cooking on the stove. These are savory favorites of mine and today continue to be comfort food.
So if I had to pick? Spring: my birthday, spring wildflowers, Giant’s baseball.

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