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52 Ancestors: Julia Ann Sievert Hork, 1910 Census

I’ve written about Julia Ann Sievert before for Fearless Females and you can read it here.

Today for 52 Ancestors, I would like to write about the information I learned about her from the 1910 census.[1]

1910 Ravalli Co MT - Julia A Hork-crop
1910 Ravalli Co, Montana census for Julia A. Hork household

The Julia A. Hork household lived on Seventh Street; however no house numbers were listed. Julia was listed as head of household with six children. She was 54 years old and a widow. Comparing that age to the known birthdate of 31 Oct 1854, her age was off by one year.[2]

Although it is unknown who gave the information for this census, it probably was Julia herself. Ten children were listed as being born with nine still living. This is more accurate than the previous census which listed seven children born and seven living (the seven who were listed in the census). Julia had ten children, five girls and five boys. Her oldest daughter, Maria Catharine “Mary” died 28 Sep 1895 in Portland, Oregon.[3]

Julia was listed as being born in Illinois of German immigrant parents. She spoke English and had no occupation. Four adult children were living with her: Albert who was the deputy clerk for the County Court; Carrie who was a saleslady at a dry goods store; Tony who was a freight clerk for the steam railroad; and Raymond who was a printer for the newspaper. Urselle was 18 and Cyril 10, who both attended school.
Julia did not own the house she lived in.

Looking at the birthplaces where her children were born, the family traveled quite a bit. Two were born in Illinois, two in Iowa, one in Oregon, and the youngest in Montana.

More information about the family can be found in the 1909 and 1911 city directories.

1909 Dir - Hamilton - Horks p 502-crop fam
1909 entry for Hamilton, Montana

In 1909, five entries were listed as living with Julia Hork: Albert J as the Deputy County Clerk and Recorder at the Court House; Anthony as a baggageman with the N.P. Ry [Northern Pacific Railway]; Carrie as a clerk at the Valley Mercantile Company; and Raymond as a foreman with the Western News.[4] The ad for the Valley Mercantile Company was on page 435 and said the company sold general merchandise both wholesale and retail.

1911 Missoula & Hamilton Dir - Horks p 377-crop fam
1911 entry for Hamilton, Montana

The 1911 directory listed six Hork members.[5] The additional person was Urselle who now worked as an operator with the Montana Independent Telephone Company. The family also lived at 506 South 5th Street now. Albert was now the County Clerk and Recorder and his brother, Tony was the Deputy Clerk.

By the 1920 census, the record indicated that Julia owned the South 5th street residence free and clear.[6] Perhaps her children helped her purchase the home.

This indicates that I should look into researching land records in Ravalli County, Montana for this purchase and what happened to it after Julia’s death.

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