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Bishop Family: Petition for Partition, Part II

I found the newspaper item where Jacob Bishop requested the partitioning of a piece of property in Huntington Township, Ross County, Ohio, and listed all of the children and heirs of Henry Bishop and Catherine Schreyer.[1]  You can find that post here.

Then on 31 May 1838, another item was found in the Scioto Gazette.[2] It was a notice of the public sale at the Courthouse in Chillicothe of the same tract of land from the previous notice.  Here is the transcription.

Ross Common Pleas.
Scioto (Chillicothe Ohio) Gazette, 31 May 1838, p 3

Jacob Bishop,                    }
       vs.                               }  Petition for Partition .
David Bishop and others   }
By virtue of an order made in the above cause at the April
Term of said Court, in the year 1838, I will expose to
public sale at the Court House, in the city of Chillicothe, on
Monday, the 2d day of July next, between the hours of 10 A.
M. and 4 P.M. of said day, the following tract of land, situate
follows, to wit: beginning at a white oak, ash and hickory,
Southeasterly corner of surveys No. 2912 and No. 3816, run-
ning thence North 50 W 144 poles to a beech and sugar tree
thence South 4½ West 13 poles to a beech, thence S 8 W 10
poles to a sugar tree, thence S 25 W 102 poles to three sugar
trees, thence N 40 E 200 poles to a sugar tree and hickory,
thence South 50 E 54 poles to the beginning: containing one
hundred and fifty acres be the same more or less.
  Terms of sale—One-third of the purchase money to be paid
on the day of sale, one-third in one year, and the other third
in two years, with interest from the day of sale.
                                                CHARLES MARTIN, Sheriff R.C.
May 31, 1838                                                                      7w5

What is learned from this newspaper notice is:
·         there was a court hearing at the April Term
·         the public sale would be 2 Jul 1838 at the Courthouse in Chillicothe
·         the land description is identical to the previous notice to partition
·         a third of the purchase price to be paid on day of sale, one third a year later, and final third two years later

Obtaining the court record of the hearing might give me more information about the request for partition. Was the partition granted? Or was the land to be sold and the money divided among the heirs?

So when at the Family History Library in January, the court records will also be searched along with the land records.

Henry Bishop and wife, Catherine Schreyer were the 3rd great-grandparents of my husband.

[1] “Notice,” Scioto  (Chillicothe Ohio) Gazette, 18 Jan 1838, p3, ( : 17 Nov 2014).
[2] “Ross Common Pleas,” Scioto (Chillicothe Ohio) Gazette, 31 May 1838, p3, ( : 17 Nov 2014).

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