Thursday, December 25, 2014

On this day - December 25

I checked my genealogy database calendar and found the following birthday and marriage anniversaries. I wondered how they celebrated their birthdays and marriages on Christmas. Or was Christmas the more important day? I always found it interesting that couples married on Christmas. Perhaps it was because family was altogether to help them celebrate. Or perhaps it was a day when they didn’t have to work and had time to have a wedding.

My Dad’s side:
  • Maria Catharine Trösster was born 25 December 1813 in Oberhundem, Westfalen.  Maria is my 2nd great grandmother. She was the daughter of John Joseph Trösster and Maria Elisabeth Döbener, and married Joseph Henrich Horoch 2 Aug 1825.

My Mom’s side:
  • John Stubbs Stackhouse was born 25 December 1854 in Copiah County, Mississippi.  John Stubbs Stackhouse married Laura Ellen Coor 29 Apr 1886, who was the daughter of Daniel K. Coor & Susan Allen.  Laura is my first cousin 4 times removed.
  • John Samuel Lancaster and Sue S. Manning were married 25 December 1874 in Ellis County, Texas. John Samuel Lancaster was the son of Josiah R. Lancaster & Mary Jane Land. John is my first cousin 5 times removed.
  • John Eugene Coor and Mary Margaret Lyles were married 25 December 1884 in Erath County, Texas.  John Eugene Coor was the son of James Madison Coor and Melissa Ann Welch. John is my 2nd great granduncle.
  • Laudrick Edison Coor was born 25 December 1899 in Dublin, Erath County, Texas. He was the son of Dempsey P. Coor and Mary Victoria Pair. He is my first cousin 3 times removed.

My husband’s father’s side:
  • Jesse Gorrell and Sophia May Forney were married 25 December 1828.  Jesse Gorrell was the son of James Gorrell and Sarah Milholland. He is my husband’s 2nd great granduncle.

My husband’s mother’s side:
  • Dorothea Maria Petersdotter was born 25 December 1864 in Åsenhöga, Sweden.  She was the daughter of Peter Jaënsson and Stina Cajsa Nilsdotter.  She is my husband’s first cousin 3 times removed.
  • Ruth Marie Challberg was born 25 December 1899 in Nebraska. She was the wife of Carl David Harry Nilsen, who was my husband’s great uncle.

Contact me if any of these people are part of your family, too.

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