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H is for Hork & Hart

I am participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge (April 2016), where we write 26 blog posts featuring each letter of the alphabet.

H is for the Marriage of Susan V. Hork to Andrew E. Hart

Today’s post is a two-for-one. Susan Veronica Hork, the sister of my grandfather, William Cyril Hork, married Andrew Edward Hart on 20 May 1900.[1]

Ravalli County Marriage Record for the marriage of Andrew Edward Hart to Susan Veronica Hork, 1900
She had just turned 23 years old on April 30. He was also 23 years old. It is not known how they met. They stated on their marriage record they were both living in Hamilton, Ravalli County, but neither of them can be found in the 1900 census.

Her brother, Albert, and sister, Carolyn, were the witnesses to the marriage, performed by Father J.B. Carroll, S.J. Albert and Carolyn also lived in Hamilton.

What is interesting is the marriage license and certificate were recorded in Ravalli County where Hamilton is located. I also have a church marriage record from St. Francis Xavier Church in Missoula for this couple. This marriage record is in Latin and does state the couple were both living in Hamilton. 
St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church - marriage entry for
Andrew E. Hart & Susan Veronica Hork, 1900
So did the priest marry the couple in Hamilton and recorded it in his Missoula church records? Or did he marry the couple in Missoula, but the civil papers were also recorded in Ravalli County office? The married couple got the license to be married from the clerk in Ravalli County. Perhaps they were the ones to return it to the clerk.

The couple had three children, a girl and two boys, and Susan died young on 14 January 1922. She was just 44 years old.

[1] Ravalli County, Marriages, v. 1 1893-1904, p 360, No. 354, Andrew Edward Hart to Susan Veronica Hork, 1900, FHL Film 1905836.

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  1. I have no answer to the question, but my 4X great-grandparents' marriage is recorded in 2 counties. The story I get from experts is that the minister was a circuit minister who served several communities at the same time. He would marry people, but it might be months before he returned to the county seat to record the marriages. Evidently he forgot and recorded in 2 counties just to be sure.
    Wendy at Jollett Etc.

  2. That's interesting, Wendy. I'm sure that happened often in more remote places. Thanks for stopping by.


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