Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Who in Your Database Has Your Birth Day?

Randy Seaver of Genea-Musing has a new Saturday Night Genealogy Fun for us this week.
1) Are there persons in your genealogy database that has the same exact birth date that you do?  If so, tell us about him or her - what do you know, and how is s/he related to you?
2) Are there persons in your database that are your ancestors that share your birth day (but not the year)?   How many, and who are they?
3) Are there other persons in your database that share your birth day (but not the year)?  How many, and who are they?
4) For bonus points, how did you determine this?  What feature or process did you use in your software to work this problem out?  I think the Calendar feature probably does it, but perhaps you have a trick to make this work outside of the Calendar function.
1) I am the only one in my database to have the exact birthday of March 26, 1954.

2) I have no ancestor who shares my birthdate. I have 7,030 people in my database. I have many birthdates as year only and not an exact date, so it is possible there might be some ancestor who shared my birthday.

3) I have the following people in my database that share the March 26 date for birthday. I included their relationship to me:
26 March 1834    Thomas I Matthews-9979 (183) – in-law that I couldn’t figure out!
26 March 1894    Robert Kamegia Knox-2997 (123) – 1st cousin 3 times removed
26 March 1898    Dessie C. Ball-9957 (119) – wife of grandson of  3rd great aunt
26 March 1906    Ada May Gorrell-68 (111) – husband’s aunt
26 March 1943    Living  (74) – second cousin
26 March 1947    Richard Hork Jr.-2024 (70) – second cousin
26 March 1954    Me (63)
26 March 1961    Living (56) – wife of husband’s second cousin
26 March 1966    Living (51)—third cousin
RootsMagic can indicate relationship and I have it set up to show me at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes nothing shows up. There is also a relationship calculator that can be used. The reason these people have no relationship might be because I have taken the collateral line a bit far from the direct line.

4) I used the “Birthday and Anniversary List” in RootsMagic. My list was 87 pages and I scrolled to March 26.  I have used this list often to find people to write about on my blog with the theme “On This Day.”

This was a great exercise. I realize I have done a “On This Day” in quite a long time. I need to work on a few more to document my family.

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  1. So you have about 900 fewer people in your database than I do, but you have more people on the same birthdate. I know there are statistics about which days have more people born on them; that would be interesting to look at for these searches. And happy belated birthday!

    1. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I know there are statistics based on births happening nine months after a blackout!


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