Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Happy 6th Blogiversary!

It's been six years since I wrote my first blog post. In this time I have written over 200 blog posts, mostly about my paternal families and my husband's families. I write about my maternal families mostly on my first blog, "Mam-ma's Southern Family."

Most of my blog posts have been about the Hork, Gorrell, Sullivan, and Johnston families. I have also made many "Saturday Night Genealogy Fun" posts and participated last year in the "A-Z Challenge."

This year I've been working on my portfolio for BCG certification and have not written as many detailed stories about my family for the blog. Since I have not decided on which family to write for the Kinship Determination Project (KDP), I've been selective in what I write about for this blog.

Once the portfolio is complete and turned in, I hope to return to writing about the research process and learning more about my family.

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Friday, June 23, 2017

On this Day -- the Marriage of Greenlee Bean Selman and Amanda Deborah Oldham, 23 June 1851

My three times great-grandparents, Greenlee Bean Selman and Amanda Deborah Oldham were married on 23 Jun 1851 in Cherokee County, Texas.

Actually, Greenlee Selman married another Selman, Mrs. Deborah A Selman. Here is a copy of the license for the marriage:[1]
“To any Judge Justice of the Peace or Regularly Ordained Minister of the Gospel, you are hereby authorized to solemnize the rites of matrimony between Mr. Green Lee R Selman and Mrs. Deborah Amanda Selman and due return make to within Sixty days after solemnization at my office in the town of Rusk. Given under my hand and seal of ?? In the Town of Rusk this 23rd September AD 1851.
   W.P. Brittain Clerk Co Court, by his Deputy O.G. Woods.”
1851 Marriage License for Green Lee Selman & Mrs. Deborah A. Selman,
Cherokee Co, Texas
Now there is no return recorded in the marriage book. When did they marry? Probably not in the same office on that day. Had the minister forgotten to return the marriage? Or had Greenlee and Amanda married in a different county and it was recorded there?

Amanda Deborah Oldham had previously been married to James Selman. They married 25 November 1841 in Carroll County, Mississippi. James died 10 November 1850 and they had two children:
  • George Washington Selman, b. 22 September 1842
  • Emma Olivia Selman, b. 6 May 1844

James was the son of Thomas Selman and Polly Goodwin and a first cousin to Greenlee Selman, who was the son of Benjamin F. Selman and Sarah Bean. Thomas and Benjamin were brothers.

Greenlee and Amanda had three children:
  • Mary Caroline Selman, b. 28 Jun 1852
  • Robert Louis Selman, b. 4 Apr 1855
  • Sarah Helena “Sallie” Selman, b. 27 Sep 1858, my second great-grandmother, who married Peter Hayden Hutson.
Happy 166th Anniversary, Greenlee & Amanda!

[1] Cherokee County, Texas, Marriage Record, Vol. A, p. 210, licence for Green Lee Selman to Mrs. Deborah A. Selman, digital image, FamilySearch.org (https://familysearch.org : accessed 23 June 2017); citing FHL film 988075.

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Recent Ancestor Photographs

Randy Seaver of Genea-Musing has another great assignment for us.
1)  Do you have photos of all of your ancestors back to the 1850 time frame?  Which recent ancestors do you not have a photograph of? 
2)  Review your files, and list the ancestors for whom you want and/or need to find a photograph.  Also list where they resided and where they died.  Where would you look to find a photograph of them?

3)  Share your answers on your own blog post (and leave a comment here with a link), or on Facebook or other social media.
So here’s mine:

I have photos of my parents, my four grandparents, and seven out of my great-grandparents. I have photos of  ten out of sixteen great-great-grandparents. And I have only two out of thirty-two 3X great-grandparents.

Of my great-grandparents:
I have not found a photo of Johan Anton Hork (1843-1906).

Of my great-great-grandparents:
I need a photo of Vincent Sievert (1823-1890) & his wife Susanna Raduntz (1832-1911). I have tried many years ago by contacting other Sievert descendants. Maybe someday.

Jeremiah Sullivan (1811-1888) and his wife, Mary Sheehan (1822-1892). They died in Todd Co, Minnesota.

Joseph Heinrich Horoch (1804-1857) and his wife Maria Catharine Trösster (1813-1874). They died in Oberhundem, Westfalen. I doubt I’ll find photos of them.

Of my great-great-great-grandparents: The only ones that fit the date criteria are:
Martin Gleeson (1787-1859) who died in rural Canada.

Samuel Johnston (1816-1869) who died in Titus Co., Texas and his wife, Elizabeth McCormack (1814-1891).

Benjamin W. Jones (1822-aft 1861) who died in the Civil War, and his wife, Amanda A Haley (1827-1904). If he had been in the Union Army I might expect to find a photo, however he was in the Confederate Army and I don't even know which unit. This is a big brick wall.

Greenlee Bean Selman (1820-1888) and his wife, Amanda Deborah Oldham (1822-1880). They both died in Texas.

George Wilson Lancaster (1839-1919). He died in Erath Co, Texas. I have a photo of his wife with her second husband.

James Madison Coor (1833-1889). He died in Texas. His wife, Melissa Ann Welch died in 1876 in Copiah Co, Mississippi. They were probably too poor to have any photographs.

Jesse Loveless (1806-1873) and his wife, Elizabeth Nixon (1810-aft 1876). They died in Faulkner Co, Arkansas.

Some of these last group probably never had photos taken of them. However, if anyone out there has a photo of my ancestors, I would love to see it!

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Which Ancestor Moved the Furthest?

Another great genealogy challenge from Randy Seaver of Genea-musing.
1)  The Family History Hound listed 20 Questions about your Ancestor, and I'm going to use some of them in the next few months. 
2)  Please answer the first question - "Which ancestor moved the farthest from their home?"
3)  Write your own blog post, make a comment on this post, or post  your answer on Facebook or Google+.  Please leave a link to your answer in comments on this post.
My great-grandfather, Johann Anton Hork and his brother, Johann Albert Hork, came the furthermost distance from their home.

Both were born in the small town, Oberhundem, located in Kreis Olpe of Westfalen. Anton was born 8 Nov 1843 and Albert was born 10 Aug 1853.[1]

The 27-year-old, Johan Hork, arrived in the United States on 5 Nov 1870 aboard the HMS Idaho.[2] He married Julia Sievert in Joliet, Will County, Illinois.[3] John was a tailor and he took his family west as far as Portland, Oregon:
  • Kane County, Illinois[4]
  • St. Louis, Missouri[5]
  • Detroit, Michigan[6]
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan[7]
  • Portland, Oregon[8]

Later he moved his family to Hamilton, Montana,[9] where most of his children lived the rest of their lives.

John Anton’s brother, Albert Hork, was a Roman Catholic priest. He attended Laurentiacum Arusberg in Paderborn, then St. Francis in Wisconsin, and finally his theological studies at University at Vienna, Austria and American College at Louvain, Belgian.  He became a priest 7 Jun 1884. He served in many parishes in Missouri: Kearney, Central City, Ridgeley, Randolph, Menominee, and St. Libory.[10]

The last church Father Albert served was at St. Louis in Gervais, Oregon. He lived until his death at the St. Mary’s Covent in Beaverton, Oregon.[11]

Distance between Oberhundem, Westfalen and Portland, Oregon is 8,278 km or 5,144 miles.[12]

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