Saturday, November 11, 2017

Ancestors Who Were Veterans: Revisited

This is republished from 2015.

Today is November 11, a day we honor veterans who served in the Armed Forces. I do not have many direct ancestors who were veterans, but I still want to honor those who were. This list includes those ancestors of my husband (in blue) and mine (in red).

World War II
Tom J. Johnston Jr.
Tom J. Johnston Jr., U.S. Navy. He served just a short time and was discharged due to a medical disability. He had been stationed in Idaho.

George J Gorrell
George Joseph Gorrell, U.S. Army. He was a staff sergeant with the 913th Air Engineering Squadron. He served in England and Germany.

World War I
William Cyril Hork
William Cyril Hork, U.S. Navy. He served in submarine service and was last stationed in Long Beach aboard the submarine tender, USS Alert.

Civil War
Amos Gorrell Jr.
Amos Gorrell, Jr., Union Army. Co A, 18th Ohio.

George Wilson Lancaster, Confederate. He served with the 6th Texas Cavalry as a corporal.

Reuben Mack Johnston, Confederate. He served with the 8th Mississippi Cavalry, Co. A.

Benjamin W. Jones, Confederate. He served as a physician and died during service.

War of 1812
John Coor. Served in 13th Regiment (Nixon's) of Mississippi Militia as a corporal.

Revolutionary War
David C. Shotts. Served in Pennsylvania.

Phillip Wagoner. Served in Pennsylvania.

Thank you for your service!

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