Friday, November 3, 2017

Follow Friday: "The Value of Daily Research" with Janine Adams

I have been reading Janine Adams' blog "Organize Your Family History" and she conducted a 30 x 30 challenge in August. What she did was take thirty minutes every single day for a month to conduct genealogy research.

She is doing the challenge again and are asking others to join her. In today's blog post titled, "The Value of Daily Research," she gave 6 reasons to do some genealogy every day. Check out her post here.

I have not joined her challenge, but I try to do some genealogy task everyday. Sometimes I'm finding documents on Ancestry or FamilySearch. Other times I'm entering data from my "To Be Filed" folder on my computer.

Mostly, though, I have been focused on my portfolio for BCG certification. I am currently working on my Kinship Determination Project (KDP) and in the process of writing the biographies/stories of the three generations, I end up researching to find missing documents, new interesting tidbits of their lives, or background information about the times and places where they lived.

So give the 30 x 30 challenge a try. You might make great progress just like Janine did!

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  1. The 30 X 30 challenge sounds like a good strategy to make consistent progress. For me, I'm afraid it will have to wait until retirement . . .


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