Saturday, February 2, 2019

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Super Bowl LIII (2019) Sunday

It's Super Bowl Weekend in America - the whole country (well, almost) will watch the game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon at 6:30 p.m. EST (3:30 PST).

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:
1)  What is your favorite National Football League team?  [For those that are not American football fans, but fan of another sports team, substitute your favorite team]  Why are you a fan of this team?  How long have you been a fan of your favorite team?
2)  What is the genealogy of your favorite team?  When did it start playing, what leagues has it played in?
3)  Have you worked for the team in any capacity, or attended games?  What is your best memory of your favorite team's history? 
4)  Predict the score of the Rams-Patriots game on Sunday.
5)  Tell us in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blog post, or in a comment on Facebook.
Randy Seaver of Genea-Musing has another Super Bowl Challenge for 2019.  I wrote about Super Bowl LII last year and included charts my father made. This year, I am answering his updated questions. 

I do not follow football and will not be watching the game. I do not even care about the half-time show or the commercials. I imagine I could find them online somewhere afterwards. Everyone seems to be predicting that the Patriots will win, so that is my guess, too.

In the past, when we had a peach tree, that was the day my husband and I pruned it. We could always hear cheering from households around us whenever there was a good play or touchdown. Perhaps this year, I'll prune my roses.

I do, however, follow baseball. My favorite team is the San Francisco Giants, who came to the west coast from New York in 1958. The team just celebrated their 60th year in San Francisco last season. The Giants play in the Western Division and have been to the World Series three times in this century.

I always thought it would be fun to work for the team, but I have never. I do attended 3-10 games a year and watch as many as I can on television. I also enjoy visiting other stadiums and attending games around the country. I have seen games in Cincinnati, Kansas City, Oakland, and Pittsburgh. Maybe I’ll go to a Mets or Yankees game this spring when I’m in New York City!

My daughter, Margaret & me at a June 2018 Giants game

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  1. I've been to quite a few Giants games. I think I still like the A's better, though! :)

    1. You just might like the American League better, as I like the National League better. It's what I'm most familiar with.

  2. In the past few years I use the Super Bowl as an opportunity to organize my Pinterest Boards. I have uninterrupted time, since everyone else is watching the game. I could care less about football, commercials or whatever they do for entertainment. I go through all my boards, delete and reassign and refresh my memory.

    1. Good for you! It's also a good time to shop--unless you want a TV. HA!


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