Saturday, June 6, 2020

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Pauleen's Crazy Month of May Pandemic Meme, Part I

It's Saturday Night -

time for more Genealogy Fun!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible music here) is to:

1)  Check out Pauleen Cass's blog post, Crazy Month of May 2020 Meme: Pandemic Experiences.  

2)  Let's do the first 10 of the prompts and save the last 11 for next week.

3)  Tell us about your own pandemic experience in your own blog post, in a comment to this blog post, or in a post on Facebook.  Be sure to leave a link to your work as a Comment to this post and also on Pauleen's post.

4)  Thank you, Pauleen!!

Here are my responses:

1) What are you most grateful for during this covid-19 crisis?
I am grateful for the health of my family. Neither of us have gotten sick, nor have our two daughters. We’re fortunate that the one who lives in New York City has kept well. I am glad for telephone and Zoom meetups to keep in touch with others.

2) What have you missed most during the full or partial lock-down?
I really am a home-body, though I used to go out daily for all kinds of activities. So, I am not minding too much staying home. I miss watching my Giants play baseball and watching professional tennis (no French Open & probably no Wimbledon), and soccer. It would be fun to go out and play pickle-ball, too.

3) Has your hobby sustained you during this time?
I have done even more genealogy since being home, but have not gotten as much done as I thought I would. I find it hard to stay focus on one subject and flit from project to project without really finishing any of them. Bird watching has taken a hit—except what I can see from home or on walks. The whole spring migration was pretty much missed when I couldn't go on any of the Audubon field trips.

4) What changes have you seen in your life over May 2020?
My hair is longer. I’ve not exercised as much as I should. But I have joined many more Zoom meetings—with genealogists, model railroaders, and environmentalists. My family hasn’t joined in, though.

5) Have you been exercising more or less?
Not more. I tried to do online yoga, but it just didn’t work out for me. I really miss my twice-weekly class, and also the fitness class I was taking at the junior college.

6) Has the refrigerator been your friend or foe?
When you’re home, you do think about food more often, but I have managed to stay the same weight. Fingers crossed.

7) Have you been participating in virtual gatherings with friends or family?
Yes, see above. I got a Zoom account so our local genealogical society special interest group could meet weekly for check-in and that has been good for everyone, especially those who are alone. The bright spot is some members who now live in other states are able to join in!  Several of my personal friends and I meet more regularly now on Zoom and I have to keep track of the meetings in my calendar so I don’t forget. Our historical society board has started meeting virtually and the bonus of that, the meetings are actually shorter—there is no side conversations or chit-chat.

8) Have you taken up new hobbies during the lockdowns?
No new hobbies. I have enough to do. I even thought I’d get more reading done.

9) Are you cooking or gardening more?
We always cooked our own food, so that has not changed. We always put in a garden, too.

10) Have you shopped more or less? Online or offline?
My husband does the in-store shopping and he goes about as often as before, which is about every other day to buy fresh produce. I don’t know if we’ve bought more online things—I have bought some books that I might have gotten from the library if they had been open. We have purchased items to have shipped to our NYC daughter.

The next ten questions will be next week!

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  1. You seem to be doing a lot more genealogy and virtual meetings than I am. Maybe I should follow your lead.

  2. Thanks for joining in Lisa. It’s wonderful that you’ve all stayed well especially your daughter in NYC..that must have been a big worry for you. There’s little doubt life’s been a bit topsy turvy and often our focus has wavered. Thank heavens for family history to keep us amused and busy.

    1. It's a very interesting meme to write about. I have been writing a weekly blog about my activities so I do mention what I'm doing during the pandemic.


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