Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Monday Genea-pourri, Week of June 4-10, 2018

Genealogists are great at documenting our ancestors’ lives but not so great documenting our own. I’ll write about what I’ve been doing the past week. This idea came from Randy Seaver of Genea-Musing, who started this meme.

This past week was more about family than genealogy. My daughter, Margaret was home for a wedding and we did several things together:
  • Monday evening, we met with my sisters, Sabrina and Renee, at Eureka, a new burger place at the Willows Shopping Center. Only Renee had a burger while the rest of us ate fish tacos. It was a great evening of catching up with each other.

sister, Renee, daughter Margaret, sister Sabrina, and me
  • Tuesday evening, we went to a San Francisco Giants game where we watched them play the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Margaret and me at AT&T Park

  • Sunday, we all attended the memorial for our long-time friend, Bill Swindell, held at Larkey Park in Walnut Creek, next door to the train club. I first met Bill when I joined the Walnut Creek Model Railroad Society. We had been friends since about 1974, having attended many PCR conventions together. His wife, Susan, babysat my children for fourteen years, too. I’m great friends with her as well, through genealogy. It was very nice seeing all of his friends, Susan’s friends, and his children and grandchildren.

  • After the memorial picnic, the four of us met Elizabeth’s boyfriend, Tye, for dinner in Oakland at Comino on grand Avenue. Delicious dinner and great conversation as we tried five of their dishes and two desserts.

Tye, Elizabeth, Norman, Margaret, Lisa at Camino Restaurant in Oakland

At the History Center, I continued working on the John Baldwin collection with John. The photos are almost matched up the their documentation. I got a new assistant, Alex, who tackled the Nilda Rego's collection with it’s many boxes.

I volunteered at the Oakland FamilySearch Library from five to nine. It was very quiet there, with way more volunteers than researchers. I think we need to promote the library for evening research! I also volunteered at the California Genealogical Library doing desk duty. I had lots of customers but got in a little of some genealogical research.

For client work, I worked some more on the genealogy summary on the fourth generation.

Blog Writing: I wrote a few blog posts this past week:
  • A 52 Ancestors post about two of my ancestors, Ebenezer Loveless and Nathan H. O. Polly, who were ministers.

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