Wednesday, January 16, 2019

SLIG 2019 Post #2

It's Wednesday and we are over halfway through our week. I'm enjoying my class in Advanced Southern Research. Our instructors have given us great resources that will help add to knowing much more about our ancestors beyond the vital and census records.

Today at the Family History Library after class, I searched through some records of the Shane Manuscripts about the Chillicothe Presbytery. I was hoping to see some of my husband's ancestors' names Bishop, Shotts, and Gorrell, but these records didn't seem to cover the area in Ross County where they might have attended church.

I spent time looking at some Jefferson County, Kentucky and Louisville records for my husband's Wollenweber line. I did find a few court records, one that was available only on microfilm. I did not find everything, and might have to write to the court clerk in Louisville.

Today I also want to highlight some of the friends I have photographed this week.

Our Certification Peer Group
Table-mates in Advanced Southern Research class
Karlene and I worked the BCG booth on Monday at lunch
Two more classmates, Jacqi and Diane

Fellow researchers at the Family History Library

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  1. Glad you got a chance to try your hand at looking through those Shane manuscripts, Lisa, but yeah...letter writing (at least to court clerks) is in no danger of extinction just yet.

    1. I love writing to clerks. I prefer to use email if I can because it's faster, but a letter with a SASE is second best. I know people who call. But I have trouble finding phone numbers for court clerks. They're too busy with people with current court dates.


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