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Marriage between Louis A. Wollenweber & Philapena Voehringer

Our genealogy society had a meeting this month at the Concord Family History Center.  Actually, we call it a workshop, so members can use the computers, books, and microfilms after the center has closed.  I let other members have access to the computers and checked out the binder listing all of the microfilm records the center had available.  The films were listed by locality and I saw many films of Louisville, Kentucky and got excited.

I'm looking for Louis W Wollenweber, my husband's gg-grandfather, who was from Germany.  He married Phillapena Voehringer, also from Germany, in 1858.  We had the date based on a transcript of a family bible.  Now I have the record as recorded in the marriage register:

Louisville, Kentucky Marriage Register, Sep 1858, p 98 (left side of register)
This side of the page reads:
      Sep 3, Louis W. Wollenwebber & Phillippena Voehringer, Augustus Bargas 

Augustus Bargas is the person who married them.  The right hand side of the page is here:

Louisville, Kentucky Marriage Register, Sep 1858, p 98 (right side of register)
The bottom record reads:
       marriage performed Sept 5, 1858, Louisville, witnesses Joseph Granewald ? and Godfried Müller.

Joseph's surname is difficult to read between the "a" and "wald". Looks like ue or ne or me. More research needs to be done to find out who these gentlemen are. I did scan several pages where Augustus Bargas performed the ceremony to see if these men were listed at other marriages but I did not find their names again. This might mean they are likely known to either Louis or Phillapena.

Because both parties are of German descent, I plan to search for German church records in Louisville, either Catholic or Protestant.  If I search for Augustus Bargas in a Louisville city directory, I might find the denomination for the church.

I apologize for the quality of the images. I snapped the shots from the microfilm reader using my digital camera. If I got back, I will take the film to the film printer and try again.

I also searched for Louis' death, but did not immediately find it. He may have died in Jeffersonville, Indiana instead, which is located across the Ohio River. The Wollenweber and Davey families have had records in both places.

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