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Probate - Thomas Haley (1789-1851)

Yesterday I was searching through the probate records on I knew that Thomas Haley probably died between 1850 and 1860. He was last seen in Rankin Co, Mississippi in the 1850 US Federal census.[1] There he was enumerated as a 61 year-old farmer with his wife, Elizabeth who was 58 years old and two sons, Thomas, 27 and John, 17. Being 61 would make his birth year somewhere around 1789. The census showed he was born in North Carolina and Elizabeth, his wife was born in South Carolina, while the two sons were born in Mississippi.
1850 Rankin Co MS census - Thos Haley & Benj W Jones-crop
Why am I interested in this couple? They are my 4th great grandparents on my maternal grandfather’s side. Thomas Haley’s daughter, Amanda married Benjamin W Jones. Their daughter, Olivia Jane married Rubin M. Johnston. Their son, Thomas N. Johnston married Nell L. Hutson. These were my grandfather’s parents.
The first probate file I found on Thomas Haley was the petition for administration, filed by son, Thomas J. Haley.[2] Thomas gave the date of his father’s death and named the surviving heirs: his mother and his brothers and sisters. There may have been more children who have died, but no others were mentioned, nor children of other siblings. If any siblings had died, they had no children. (As a note, I did find a probate record for two other Haleys: Craft Haley and Jesse Haley with a Thomas Haley as the administrator. So more research is needed on that connection).
Here is the beginning of the transcription. Note, there is irregular spelling and almost no punctuation.
Estate of Thos Haley Dec'd
Application of Thomas J. Haley for Administration to the Honorable James Finley Judge of the Probate Court of Rankin County in the State of Mississippi.
The petition of Thomas J. Haley of said County would respectfully represent unto your Court that his father Thomas Haley late of said County departed this life on the 26th day of January last having no will so far as your petitioner knows or believes. That said intestate died seized and prosessed [sic] of a considerable estate both real and personal consisting of two thousand acres of land more or less lying in the Counties of Rankin Simpson and Copiah the several Amounts lying in said Counties your petitioner is unable to state precisely and deems it at present unnecessary. Also twelve negro slaves young and old and also the stock of horses mules oxen and cattle & @ used on his plantation or residence at the time of his death there are also some debts due said Estate indunced [sic] by note on Cader Price all All of said personal Estate being in the summation [sic] of your petitioner worth about eight thousand dollars

1851 Probate-Rankin Co MS - Petition to Administer p 186-87-Thos Haley decd - crop-1
So I have the date of death for Thomas Haley: 26 January 1851. I also learned he owned land in three counties (which neighbor each other): Rankin, Simpson, and Copiah. He lived on a plantation with 12 slaves and some stock of horses, oxen, mules and cattle. So there was some matter of wealth here with the total value at approximately eight thousand dollars. It will be interesting to see the inventory of his estate.
The next section of the petition gives us the names of the heirs:
that your petitioner Thomas J. Haley is the son of said decedent That besides your petitioner the said decedent left surviving him five heirs and distributes to wit Elizabeth Haley widow and relict of said decedent William Haley Mary Ann Thomas late widow of John B Thomas dec'd Amanda A Jones wife of Benjamin W Jones and who are all of full age and also John H Haley who is now a minor about 18 years of age.
1851 Probate-Rankin Co MS - Petition to Administer p 186-87-Thos Haley decd-crop-2
So this confirms that the Elizabeth Haley enumerated with Thomas in the 1850 census was his wife. His sons were William Haley, Thomas J. Haley, and John H. Haley, who was a minor. His daughters were Mary Ann Thomas, who was already the widow of John B. Thomas, and Amanda A. Jones, the wife of Benjamin W. Jones.
Here is the end of the petition:
Your petitioner would further represent that he believes said Estate should be immediately administered as well for the proper management of said land and negros as for the Collection of said debts &@ and your petitioner also represents that the said Elizabeth Haley widow and relic as aforesaid who is by law entitled to administration of said Estate has declined the same in behalf of your petitioner as is herewith shown by letter renouncation [sic] of the same which is presented with this petition as part of the same. Your petitioner therefore prays that your honor will grant letters of Administration to him in the premisis [sic] upon quallifying [sic] himself according to law and the desections [sic] of this Court your petitioner begs leave to offer to the consideration of the Court Joseph M. Jayne as security on his bond and to nominate Thomas S White John A Dear & Levi P Gibson appraisers to value &@ the Goods and chattels and personal Estate of said intestate - And as in duty bound your petitioner will ever pray &@
Sworn to and Subscribed in upon T. J. Haley
Court this the 21st February AD 1851
D. Fitzhugh Clk

I have collected the rest of the probate records and will report on the status of taking inventory and selling the property both personal and real. This is a great find and while it doesn’t help answer where Thomas and Elizabeth Haley came from, it did help establish the relation between Haleys found in Rankin County, Mississippi tax and marriage records.
So future plans are to transcribe the remaining probate papers and analyze them for further clues. I want to do extensive tax research, which I can do also on the site. Then next would be to tackle land records for Rankin, Simpson, and Copiah counties for the land that Thomas Haley owned. That I’ll leave for my trip to Salt Lake City in January.

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[2] Rankin Co, Mississippi, Probate Records, Petitions, vol B 1847-1855, 186-87, Thos Haley dec'd, digital image, : accessed 24 Aug 2013; citing FHL microfilm 876965 Item 4.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Roulette Wheel – Ancestor Matilda Louise Ericksson

Our mission this week, was to:
1) The year one of my great-grandmothers was born and divide this number by 125. After rounding off to a whole number, I found my "roulette number." My husband’s great grandmother, Matilda Louise Erickson was born 1871. Dividing by 125, I got 14.968 which I rounded up to 15.
2) I found the Ahnentafel number corresponding to the “roulette number” in my RootsMagic database and that person was Matilda Louise Ericksson!
3) Tell three to five facts about that person in my ancestral name list with the "roulette number."
Mathilda Lovisa Ericksson (1871-1942)
Mathilda Lovisa Ericksson was 21 December 1871 in Tidersrum, Östergötland län, Sweden to Karl Johan Ericksson and Stina Maja Samuelsdotter.[1] She and her sister immigrated to the United States in 1888 and settled in Montgomery County, Iowa.[2]
Mathilda married Pehr Alfred Lundquist on 15 March 1892 in Red Oak, Montgomery County, Iowa.[3] Together they had three children: John Edward Lundquist, Agnes Hilma Lundquist, and David William Lundquist.[4]
Sometime around 1915, the Lundquists settled in Hilmar, Merced County, California where they farmed.[5] They raised alfalfa, grapes, beans, and nut and fruit trees.[6]
When her daughter, Agnes died in 1936, Matilda helped out by taking in some of her children for short periods of time. My mother-in-law has fond memories of staying with her grandmother and learning from her.
Pehr Alfred died 30 Jan 1932 in Hilmar, California, and Mathilda followed ten years later on 3 Feb 1942.[7] They are buried together in the South Hilmar Cemetery in Hilmar, California.[8]
PA & M Louisa Lundquist tombstone
© 2013, Lisa Suzanne Gorrell

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[8] Tombstone photo taken by author, Lisa S. Gorrell.