Thursday, September 20, 2012

On This Day – Susanna Julia Sievert ‘s birth 20 September 1863

    Susana Julia Sievert is a younger sister of my great-grandmother, Julia Ann Sievert, who married Johan Anton Hork.  Susana was born 20 Sep 1863 in Joliet, a city in Will County, Illinois.[1]  Susanna was the sixth child of Vincent Sievert and Susana Raduntz.  Susana was obviously named after her mother.  Vincent and Susana Sievert came from Schneidemühl, Posen, part of present day Poland that had been heavily settled by Germans until the end of the World War II.[2]

    Susana Julia married Louis Aloysius Raub sometime between 1904 and 1906 when Louis moved to a new address, possibly signaling a marriage.[3]  Prior to his marriage, he lived with his mother and brothers.  Louis had his own business, L. A. Raub Co., which sold clothing, hats, and men’s furnishings.[4]  Louis’ parents were Germans who came in the late 1840’s from Alsace-Lorraine.[5]

    Louis had a sixth grade education while Susana complete eight years.[6]  Both Susana and Louis lived until 1942 when Susan died Jan 20 and Louis on Dec 2.[7]  They are buried at Saint John’s Catholic Cemetery although I have not yet found their cemetery stones.

    Happy 149th Birthday, Susanna!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

On This Day - Friedrich Hork's Birth - 16 Sep 1874

My great-grandfather, John Anton Hork had at least 10 brothers and sisters.  Several of them died before they reached adulthood.  Two of his siblings, Albert Hork and Clementina Hork, came to the United States.  One brother, Frederick Wilhelm Casper Hork, remained in Germany and married Elizabeth Dollberg on 5 May 1872.  They had a least two children: Anna Bernadine and Friedrich Hork.  The baptismal records microfilmed by the LDS Church stops at 1876.  So there may be more children that I don’t know about yet. 

Friedrich Hork was born on 16 September 1874 in Elpse, in Kreis Olpe, Westfalia, Germany.  I have the baptismal record showing his parents as Friedrich Hork and Elisabeth Dollberg.

I do not know any more about the lives of the Horks that remained in Germany.  Hopefully, I can find some information soon.

Happy 138th Birthday to Friedrich Hork!

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