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On This Day - Anna Marie Sullivan (1892-1979)

Anna Marie Sullivan
   On this day, 15 October 1892, my grandmother, Anna Marie Sullivan was born in Anaconda, Deer Lodge County, Montana.  She was the youngest child of six born to John H. Sullivan and Anna Marie Gleeson.  She was one hundred percent Irish, even though her mother was born in Ontario Province, Canada to second generation Irish immigrants.

  Her parents came to the United States in 1879 and lived first in Mitchell, Davidson County, South Dakota before settling down in Anaconda, Montana, where her father worked as an electrician at the Anaconda Mining company.

  When Anna was twenty years old, her mother died.  By now, she was attending the Montana State Normal College in Dillon, Montana, where she played basketball, volleyball, and sang in the Glee Club.  She then spent her time teaching.
Glee Club - Anna is in the center right
  I don't know how she met her future husband, William Cyril Hork, but they married  22 November 1922 in Butte, Silver Bow County, Montana.  They then moved to southern California.  William Cyril had been stationed in Long Beach during World War I and probably found the climate better than in Montana.

  They had four children.  However, Cyril held few jobs, drank a lot, and it was best that Anna (now known as Anne) leave him.  After a few years in San Bernardino county, she moved to Napa in 1940 to be with her late sister's husband, Vir Quigley.  She worked in his restaurant, and then attended San Francisco State College in order to obtain a California teaching credential.  She later taught in one-room schoolhouse along the Silverado Trail in Napa county.

  In the fall of 1949, she got a job teaching first grade at Williams School in Concord, Contra Costa County. After teaching full-time, she also substituted part-time in schools in Pittsburg.  She lived across the street from her son, William, on East 9th Street.  Our family got to see a lot of her in the late 50's and early 60's until we moved to Walnut Creek.  Anne moved to San Mateo and was now closer her daughters, June and Virginia.

  Anne was a devout Roman Catholic, attending Mass daily if she could.  She was also a very fun grandmother, bringing presents when visited, teaching us songs as we washed dishes, and was genuinely interested in things we were doing.  I was fortunate to take a trip to Southern California in 1969 to visit with her sister, Loretta.  I have fond memories of that.
Summer 1969 at the San Francisco Airport
   Anne died 14 Feb 1979.  She was 86 years old.  She lived a great life and was always positive even if life's circumstances created struggles.  Her strong faith kept her going.

  Happy 120th Birthday, Nana!

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